Jennifer Kordell

Jennifer Kordell

Vice President of Human Capital

Jennifer Kordell runs the global Human Capital department for Charles River Associates, overseeing recruiting, training and development, benefits, and employee relations. Prior to this role, she held responsibility for firm-wide learning and development as well as senior-level recruiting. She also served as operations director, working with corporate and practice leadership on strategy and management information reporting. Ms. Kordell joined the firm in 2001 as a consultant in our Energy Practice before joining the Intellectual Property Practice. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA in Economics from Amherst College.

Six elements of a successful internship program

One of the founders of Charles River Associates (CRA) wrote, “Our goal for CRA was to build a bridge between academia and the world of business and government, where we would bring the developing technology of academia, especially in the then-burgeoning area of quantitative methods in economics, to the real world”.

Building upon that foundation, we have maintained deep relationships with academic institutions—including a long history of hosting undergraduate and graduate students as interns. Read more >

Four keys to successful hiring at professional services firms

A professional services firm (think lawyers, accountants, consultants) is unique in that its core asset is its “human capital”—that is, the people who work there. In our modern economy, all firms must prioritize talent; however, manufacturing and product firms must also manage equipment, inventory, quality control, efficiency, and production processes.  A professional services firm’s primary lever to drive success and sustainability is its ability to attract, develop, and retain excellent talent.  Read more >