Office: Boston

Office: Boston

Reflecting on our Boston summer

This year, CRA welcomed a class of over 40 interns who were spread across our offices from San Francisco to Brussels. While at CRA, interns are fully absorbed into life at CRA, and their experiences mirror that of our consulting staff. Interns have an opportunity to work on projects alongside their teams, attend all-staff meetings and intern-specific programs, and enjoy office social events. Take a peek into our program, and hear what several analyst interns had to share about their summer in Boston. 
Keran Huang
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The Analyst perspective of a daily day

One of my favorite things about working at CRA is that you can’t describe a “typical” day. You might find yourself generating similar calculations during various projects or tackling projects in much the same way, but the truth of the matter is, there is no predictable day at CRA. From the individuals you’re working with to the industries you’re working in, things are always changing (and that’s just within practices!). Read more >

The social side of CRA

Three members of Boston’s Antitrust & Competition Economics’ junior staff started a ping pong “league.” Regular season, which we’re in now and may never get out of, has periodic tournaments and will culminate in a championship. Championship seeding will be determined by Elo ratings earned during the regular season. The rating system has created friendly rivalries, dramatic upsets, and high-profile games. Read more >