Office: Cambridge, UK

Office: Cambridge, UK

A guide to CRA’s Cambridge office

The Cambridge office is a relatively new addition to CRA’s network, as the team was established in the summer of 2017. Since launching the Cambridge office, several locations have acted as a base of operations. As of this summer, however, the Cambridge team has set up permanent shop at 50-60 Station road, a brand-new office block adjacent to the train station and in an area known as “CB1”.  Read more >

Life as an intern in Cambridge, UK – part 2

Learning and Professional Development
As a student, many of my friends are currently interns in a variety of professions and companies. What makes CRA quite special for us as interns is that we’ve been placed on project teams as though we were full-time employees; therefore we’re given a part of the overall project to complete. This is often not the case for interns at other companies because, stereotypically, interns are constantly having to ask for work to do or “photocopying”. I believe the intern experience here is quite unique and educational.  Read more >

Life as an intern in Cambridge, UK – part 1

Hi, I’m Nick Reid, and I’m an intern in the Life Sciences Practice at CRA in the Cambridge, UK office. I’m from a small village called Dromara in Northern Ireland, and I currently study Biomedical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh (I’m good at choosing places with bad weather). Outside of uni and work, I’m keen on running and swimming to keep fit. Read more >