Sydney Wong

Sydney Wong


Sydney Wong is an analyst in the Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice at Charles River Associates. She joined CRA in 2016. She graduated from University of California-Berkeley with a BA degree in Statistics.

Skills gained at CRA

The greatest knowledge I have gained from my position at CRA is related to my practice, Antitrust & Competition Economics. Before coming to CRA, I had never studied economics in any formal capacity.  Now, every part of my work on a project teaches me something new. At the beginning of each new case, I learn about the industry and the client’s role in that industry. If the case is a merger, I study where possible antitrust issues lie and what sort of data we need to better understand the market. Read more >

Mentorship and practice culture

Mentorship comes in many different forms, from many different people. It may be another analyst helping you write something in Stata, a consulting associate sharing his or her experiences and advice about career progression, or a principal or VP describing economic analysis or how to work with different clients. Mentorship is incredibly important for personal growth and career progression, but don’t forsake true relationships and connections by getting swept up in doing what you think you’re “supposed to do.” Read more >

Onboarding at CRA

Candidates often ask me what it was like to start working at CRA. Some of them worry about being expected to know everything about antitrust law or arrive an expert programmer. CRA does a great job of preparing you for project work no matter your background. Most analysts start at CRA in July and within their first month attend a week-long training in Boston. Since I started in April, months before the formal training, I relied on the Oakland office’s training to prepare me for project work. Read more >

Working in the Oakland Office

The Commute: The Oakland office, situated on College Avenue in the Rockridge neighborhood, is conveniently located walking distance from the Rockridge BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station. The 51A AC (Alameda County) Transit bus line also stops right outside the office. Many of us use BART to commute from all over the Bay Area, from cities like San Francisco and Fremont. I commute from San Francisco and the ride gives me time to read and listen to music. Read more >