CRA Careers - Internships

The Intern Experience

CRA Analyst Interns are quickly integrated into their practice and the local office culture alongside an accomplished mentor. They obtain concrete experience on live projects where their contributions matter. Additionally, Interns have the opportunity to interact across practice areas at a global level and are counted on to bring their ideas to the table.


The Work

Developing at CRA

What can you gain from this opportunity?

  • Knowledge
    CRA will provide a broad knowledge of the consulting field and exposure to multiple industries and disciplines.
  • Hands-on experience
    You will gain a wealth of experience working on live projects alongside top industry experts and academic faculty.
  • Toolkit of new skills
    You'll develop a “ready for the real world” tool kit of new skills that will help you launch your career.
  • Limitless opportunities
    Develop relationships! Use a CRA internship to grow your network and build your personal brand.

    Your experience at CRA will also provide insight into a long-term career option. You will have the opportunity to be considered for a full time position after you graduate, working with a team you already know.