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Training & Professional Development

Learning is a priority for our people. CRA’s training portfolio was designed to support the outstanding capabilities of our consultants while keeping employee advancement top of mind. Through a diverse menu of learning modalities, our integrated development model focuses on building key skills, mastering tools, and developing relationships critical to each stage of your career.

An integrated learning experience...

Our learning model will introduce behaviors and expectations at every stage of your career. Foundations for each of CRA’s core competencies are built early in your career track and then the development focus shifts as you grow.


Check out what some of our employees have to say about training and professional development at CRA.




  • Ariane
    Senior Associate
    College Station, TX

    “It is such a privilege to work for a company that invests in its people. The professional development resources, including the one-on-one professional coaching sessions, demonstrate CRA’s commitment to cultivating a collaborative environment focused on continuous learning and professional growth.”
  • Geoff
    Vice President
    Nyon, Switzerland

    “To have the opportunity to help guide colleagues in their in-house training is a genuine pleasure for me. The truly international nature of CRA is also a big plus. Using our various mother tongue languages around a table, and respecting all of our diverse cultures, is a great place to learn – and I most definitely learn every single time I help lead training sessions.”
  • Quenton
    Tallahassee, FL

    “I have a passion for manipulating output and presenting information in a concise format. Participating as a Tech Lab instructor allowed me to share the techniques I have developed through the years. I especially enjoyed this experience because so much of what I know has been self-taught, and, through this platform, I was able to share the resources I’ve developed with my colleagues.”